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Rain Cat Studios 

Owned and operated by long time musicians and friends Bryan Lamar and Jeff Coulter, Rain Cat Studios is located in beautiful Jensen Beach, Florida. Our goal is to capture your unique sound and identity as a  recording artist. Leveraging new technologies we have the tools to capture extremely high quality recordings at competitive rates. Our passion for recording, music and the creative process will bring your project to life like you never thought possible.

We pride our selves in delivering a personal and comfortable studio experience. Whether this is your first time in the studio or you are a studio veteran, we want you to be comfortable enough to do your best work. We have experience with artists across many genres including Singer/Songwriter, Hip-Hop, Rock, EDM, Jazz, Metal, Folk and everything in-between.

Fender Mustang
Epiphone Les Paul
Gibson Epiphone Dot
Fender PJ Bass
Martin OMC-16E Koa Acoustic
Charvel 12 string
Epiphone acoustic
Gibson SG
Fender Mustang


  • Neumann U-87 Ai​​

  • Audio Techinca 4040

  • Audio Techinca 4041

  • Audix i5 (2)

  • Audix D6

  • Beyer Dynamic M 201 TG

  • Blue Encore 100 (2)

  • Blue Encore 100i (2)

  • Blue Encore 200 (2)

  • Cascade Fat Head Ribbons (Stereo Pair)

  • Electro Voice RE20

  • Senheiser E604 (3)

  • Senheiser E609 (2)

  • Senheiser MD421

  • Sure 57 (2)

  • Sure 57 beta

  • Sure 52 beta

  • Sure sm58  (3)

  • Sure sm81 (pair)

  • Sure SM7b

  • Sure ksm32

  • Rode NT3 (Stereo Pair)

  • Rode NT1 (Stereo Pair)

For detailed equipment questions, pricing or any questions about your project or needs please feel free to contact us.

  Equipment and Amenities


  • Apollo x16s (2) 32 channels 

  • Great River Preamp me-1NV (Class A)

  • Vintage Urei UA LA-3A Compressors (Stereo Pair)

  • Empirical Labs EL8X Distressor with British Mod

  • Universal Audio LA-610 Mk II Classic Tube Pre/Compressor 

  • Focusrite ISA 828 

  • ART Pro MPAii tube pres

  • Focusrite ISA 828

  • Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 FireWire 

  • Focusrite Octo-pre dynamic

  • Focusrite Octo-pre


  • Focal CMS 65 Studio Monitors

  • Avantone "real world" reference Monitors


  • Melodyne

  • iZotope Ozone 8 Mastering Software

  • iZotope Nuetron

  • iZotope Tonal Balance Control

  • Waves Mercury bundle

  • Plug-in Alliance (All)

  • Superior Drummer 3 

  • Seriously too many to list


  • Martin Koa Acoustic

  • Epiphone Acoustic

  • Gibson SG

  • Fender Mustang (Soap Bar Pick-Ups)

  • Fender Mustang (Single Coil)

  • Epiphone Les Paul

  • Epiphone Dot Modded

  • Fender PJ Bass Modded

  • Ibanez SR Bass


  • Gretsch Catalina Maple

  •  Shine Birtch 

  • Several Snare Drums 


  • Fender Hot Rod DeVille

  • Fender Blues DeVill

  • Fender Twin Reverb Limited Edition

  • Vox AC4TV 1 x 10

  • Peavey 6505+

  • Mesa Boogie 4x12

  • SansAmp Model RB1 Tech 21 Bass Pre Amp


  • Roland JUNO-DS88 88-key weighted Synthesizer/Piano

   The Space

  • Large live room

  • Large Isolation booth

  • Creative/Stress free environment




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